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As the nightly moon rests amid the stars, it reminds us of what peace there is in heaven. The universe tells us that we are not alone. As we rest our heads to sleep at night, we hear a voice asking- “Why did He die?” He died so that we can live forever. We think of an autonomous life, no matter what life presents to us; we always strive for a better tomorrow.

The morning comes; the sun, the punctual, descends upon humanity. For some people, their morning is pleasant, and for some people, their morning brings pain, sorrow, and discomfort. But don’t let this moment blind you from the paradise that is yet to come.

The pain that we experience on this planet would turn into everlasting joy. No matter what we consider our problems to be, it is just a passing tide. For it is better to experience pain and torture now, than everlasting suffering.

The world was created to be good, but it has been marshalled by a group of demagogues with no souls. But no matter how they try to change the world, they always come back and say that the universe continues to unfold. Many of these changes are born out of man’s quest for power and recognition.

No matter how they try, they always come to a halt that there is a living God. No matter the struggles you may be experiencing now, always remember that your struggles will come and pass, and there is everlasting life in paradise.

My fellow brethren, now that you have read my book – Are you with me? Do I sound erratic, or do I sound logical? When you read these chapters- DO you accept what you have read, or do you feel what you have read, or think about what you have read?

Taylor’s Book Club

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