Who Am I?

The CEO, DR Guy Taylor, is a clinical psychologist in Chicago, Illinois. He is currently working in private practice, and he believes that the body is the servant of the mind.
He is using his clinical skills to write and publish books on the mind. He also uses his research background to produce products that help individuals combat anxiety and depression. Besides his cognitive behavior expertise, he also uses meditation and mindfulness to help individuals cope with mental illness.
DR Taylor believes self-control is attained by individual personal responsibility. Mental focus and not physical strength is the molding force in the universe.

“Dedicated to Quality Literature for All”

We house a wide range of books of different topics. We hope you find our collection interesting and satisfying for your reading pleasure.

Sharing the Love for Reading to People Across the Globe

Taylor’s Book Club is a hub for readers of all walks of life. Whether you’re into fiction, fantasy, poetry, or history, biographies, and current affairs, we’ve got it here. Our location in Westchester, Illinois is open for everyone, and we also sell our books worldwide.

Mission Statement

To help individuals develop effective coping skills to combat their psychological problems.